Monday, 20 April 2015

Tiny Red Riding Hood Dev Diary 02 : Best Laid Plans

O' mice an' men oft go astray.

Well, last time I had hoped to get a lot done before showing my progress off at the next Brighton Indies.  Suffice to say I didn't quite get there.

It's not all my fault or all doom and gloom for that matter.  Interrupting my progress was the very awesome Space Krieg Jam that we hosted, Alex has taken up gainful employment which has had a massive effect on the work/life balance and Willow has been a bit poorly and needed lots of cuddles and attention.

Also some things happened which have maybe slightly altered my perspective on the game.  Mostly the release of A Day In The Woods, which I think just looks a lot better than where I seem to be heading and has made me question everything (OK not really, just how it looks).

So time to turn it off and on again.

Not a false start.

That is to say everything up to this point hasn't been a complete waste of time.  As I said before this is a learning process and part of that means throwing stuff away and starting over with all the juicy new knowledge and skills you now have!

So what's happening?

It's OK just not right.
Red and Trees re-do.  There's more to this than me getting my knickers in a twist over a better looking game.  Red is kind of broken.  She hasn't skinned well and has lots of one sided polys which don't play well in Unity.  I want to retain her look, I just need to make her better, and probably man up and face UV unwrapping her (*shudder*).  The trees on the other hand are just not English forest enough for me and far too simple.  They did the job of introducing me to low poly modeling and will do fine as place holder trees, but they just don't look right.  I need to make low poly trees that resemble oak and fir trees.

NavMesh, State machine and Lists.  So here's a whole bunch of things that are new to me!  At the last Unity and Cake meet up I went to these things cropped up.  Using a NavMesh to help Red navigate the woods in a less linear manner, an introduction to state machines and how characters animations interact, and finally using lists, which I'm sure I do know but then I really don't!  Basically if I want the apples to appear in different locations on the tree, it has been advised that the best way to do this is to have a list of possible locations on the tree which do or do not get populated with an apple.


Tomorrow is the final Unity and Cake meet up.  After that Kerry will be busy nailing the public version and then the show hits the road as the newly branded Make, Play, Code.  And I really want to have a working prototype ready!  So, in the spirit of keeping it small and iterating on what I've done the aim for tomorrow evening is:

  • Have a basic UI in place
  • Have the apples appear on the tree
  • Have the player count (tap) the apples

I'll still be using the assets I have for now, once I get this much working we'll look at making it all look less generic and just nicer!

I wish I could Blender better...